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PBI Insurance offers Employee Benefits Packages to Connecticut employers in Hartford County and New Haven County. Our experienced agents will get you the lowest rates on the best benefits packages and will save you money. What do the company benefits and perks you offer communicate to your existing and prospective employees? As an employer, the benefits package you offer your employees speaks volumes about your company, its philosophy, and its culture. In a highly competitive environment, the salary you offer is the first consideration, but it is by your benefits and perks you will be judged. When an employee knows what your company stands for, he will know right away if he will engage with the company and stay longer. Benefits and perks tell your employees what you value, what your company believes in, and that your employees are valued.

When working hard to attract the best talent, you may demonstrate your appreciation for their loyalty by contributing to their health and well being, being supportive in education and career growth, providing financial planning services and wealth protection counseling.

To learn about all the group insurance options available to your employees, we invite you to consult with our knowledgeable agents in our centrally located West Hartford office. Contact us today at 860-233-1171 for a free quote on employee benefits in Connecticut. Our satellite office is conveniently located on Main Street in Hamden for clients located in the greater New Haven region.


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