When you are ready to evaluate your assets and plan for your life post-retirement, the financial planners at PBI Insurance are ready to meet with you. The financial advisors at PBI will provide an impartial assessment of your current assets. Retirement planning can become overwhelming. You may not be aware of options available to you without the advice of an expert. Our experienced financial planning advisors at PBI Insurance will help you plan for life after retirement. We can provide you with answers to your current questions. We help you explore your retirement goals in terms of the resources you have in place.

At PBI we will provide you with an independent, experienced expert to help you plan your future accordingly. We identify your resources, obligations and goals. From there, we can assist you with developing your retirement lifestyle budget and expected cash flows. PBI Insurance will help you determine what is practical for your retirement plan and ultimately help you develop confidence in your financial health. The decisions you make now will affect your well being beyond retirement. Please call PBI Insurance to get started today! In the greater Hartford area, call 860-233-1171. We look forward to working with you soon.

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