Group Health – Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Shop group health plans for your employees with the help of PBI Insurance. We specialize in Health Insurance and Employee Benefits for businesses in greater Hartford CT. If you are an employer in Connecticut, we can show you ways to reduce the cost of your benefits packages. There is a lot of talk about rising health care premiums and out of pocket expenses.  Politically charged arguments make the news, but where do we go for the most up to date facts about the cost of group insurance benefits?

In June the Trump Administration issued an executive order which will change the way some businesses may purchase health insurance. If you are a small business owner trying to keep abreast of health care law updates – and how they will affect your bottom line – you are not alone. Your company needs a group health benefits package to offer your valued employees.

When you buy group health insurance through PBI Insurance, rest assured that our commitment to customer service continues. In the insurance industry, the Agent you choose is important. Trust that we will choose the most cost effective plan for your particular group, and the plan we choose is qualified for the Affordable Care Act and Medicare purposes. Rest assured that all of your employees’ medical providers are in your network. The agents at PBI Insurance negotiate great life, disability, dental and vision plans and rates. Call us today to make an appointment with one of our knowledgeable agents at 860-233-1171.

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