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Save Time – Outsource Payroll

For small business payroll services in the greater New Haven, North Haven and Hamden CT area, trust PBI Insurance. PBI offers services for all financial aspects of your business including payroll services. If your small business is growing, you have a hundred and one tasks to complete every week. Have the professionals at PBI Insurance handle your payroll so you can focus on growing your business. Outsourcing your payroll can offer your small business an attractive option to managing your payroll internally. Outsourcing your payroll to PBI saves you valuable time. Imagine not having to prepare payroll for your employees, figuring out tax obligations, preparing checks and providing management reports. With tax regulations constantly changing we stay on top of the most up to date tax codes, tax tables and government forms. Hiring PBI will boost your productivity and keeping your business focused on your industry. PBI Insurance is a locally owned and operated company. We manage payroll for  hundreds of local small businesses in Connecticut, and we are looking forward to meeting you. Call PBI to compare the value of your payroll services today. Call 860-233-1171 today.

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Small Business Payroll Services | New Haven CT | PBI Insurance

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Business Tax Preparation – New Haven CT

Connecticut Tax Planning and Preparation Services.

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PBI Insurance offers business tax preparation services in the New Haven CT area. State and Federal tax preparation are a time consuming and stressful part of owning a business. Call the professionals at PBI and relax. Every year income tax returns have to be filed with the Internal Revenue Service or the Connecticut State Department of Revenue Services. In your income tax return you are reporting your income, profits and losses of your business and other deductions. Tax planning  makes a big difference in the future value of a range of investments, therefore it has a great impact on a person’s standard of living now and in the future. At PBI we offer both tax planning and tax preparation. PBI has some of the best accountants and tax professionals in Connecticut. Our staff will expertly prepare your individual or business tax returns for submission to the IRS.

Since 1985, PBI has built a business and a reputation by always doing the right thing for our clients and providing a personalized level of customer service. PBI is family-owned and serves businesses and individuals from every corner of the state. At PBI, we have earned an outstanding reputation helping one client at a time. We bring our integrity, experience, accountability, and accessibility to the fore with every individual and business client. As a family owned and operated Connecticut company, we offer a complement of added value services to the table. We have offices in West Hartford (860-233-1171) and Hamden Connecticut (203-230-0548), or one of our agents will be glad to discuss your options at a location of your choice. Let us help build your future.

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Business Tax Preparation | New Haven CT | PBI Insurance




Employee Group Insurance – New Haven CT

PBI Insurance specializes in employee group insurance plans for small businesses in the New Haven CT area. As a full-service employee benefits consulting and brokerage firm, we currently service clients locally and nationwide. Our experience and knowledge contributes to our success with fully insured and self-funded insurance. We understand the time and attention each client deserves and work to clarify new compliance requirements, benefits planning and other topics that may seem confusing or overwhelming. We believe it is in your company’s best interest to select a local insurance agency for your group health plans.

Trust PBI Insurance to serve the objectives and needs of your company and employees. Self funded health insurance doesn’t have to be complicated; let us show you how our working with PBI Insurance is your benefit! Our employees work with you to reduce the cost of your benefits packages. We are located in West Hartford with an office in Hamden and serve all surrounding areas. The agents at PBI Insurance negotiate great life, disability, dental and vision plans and rates. Call us today to make an appointment with one of our knowledgeable agents at 860-233-1171. We look forward to working with you soon.

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Employee Group Insurance | New Haven CT | PBI Insurance


Employee Benefits Plans – Hartford CT, New Haven CT

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PBI Insurance crafts employee benefits plans for small business in Hartford and New Haven CT. Employee benefits are as much a part of compensation as salary. What do the company benefits and perks you offer communicate to your existing and prospective employees? As an employer, the benefits package you offer your employees speaks volumes about your company, its philosophy, and its culture. In a highly competitive environment, the salary you offer is the first consideration, but it is by your benefits and perks you will be judged. When an employee knows what your company stands for, he will know right away if he will engage with the company and stay longer. Benefits and perks tell your employees what you value, what your company believes in, and that your employees are valued.

When working hard to attract the best talent, you may demonstrate your appreciation for their loyalty by contributing to their health and well being, being supportive in education and career growth, providing financial planning services and wealth protection counseling. Typical benefit plans include Medical and Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability, Flexible Spending Accounts, and Retirement Benefits.

To learn about all the group insurance options available to your employees, we invite you to consult with our knowledgeable agents in our centrally located West Hartford office. Our satellite office is conveniently located on Main Street in Hamden for clients located in the greater New Haven region. West Hartford CT, New Haven CT: call 860-233-1171.


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Employee Benefits Plans | West Hartford CT, New Haven CT | PBI


Long-Term Care Insurance – New Haven CT, Hartford CT

Long-Term Care Insurance.

Who needs Long-Term Care Insurance? Anyone who does not have the means to pay for long term services and support in a nursing home setting may be at high risk for losing everything.  The statistics show us that 70% of those over 65 will need some sort of long-term care during their lifetimes*. Are you prepared?  Neither health insurance nor Medicare pay for personal or custodial care. This includes the type of nursing services associated with recuperation or assistance in daily life. Assistance with eating, bathing, dressing, and toileting are during a recuperative period can cost about $400 per day. The average stay in a nursing facility in Connecticut is 2.5 years. How can you plan for this? We are PBI, and we are in the business of insuring your future.

Long-term care describes a person’s medical needs and non-medical personal care. Care can be provided from a number of different sources, from friends and family members to paid home assistance to nursing facilities. Suppose your parent has a debilitating condition, such as dementia, ALS, or a medical condition from which he is not expected to recover. Medical services are entirely separate from non-medical services. Non-medical services include meal preparation and feeding, bathing, reminders to take prescribed medications, and bathroom assistance.

At PBI our staff is well-versed in health insurance and long term care insurance. Many assumptions are made about long term care, what it means, and how to pay for it. Whether the custodial care is needed for a post-surgical recuperative period or for terminal conditions, you need the advice of a professional so you can prepare. The PBI Staff are experts in all aspects of Medical Insurance and Medicare Benefits and we can assist you with your questions about Long-Term Care Insurance. We believe it is important to open a dialog about long-term care with your spouse and your family. At PBI Insurance, we will be happy to meet with you to talk about your options for long-term care. We have offices in West Hartford and Hamden for your convenience. 860-233-1171.

*U.S. Department of Health and Human Services