How Company Sponsored Health Insurance Plans Benefit Employees

These days, one of the biggest benefits of full-time employment is eligibility for the employer’s group health insurance plan. And as healthcare reform continues to evolve and affect individuals’ and families’ lives and finances, group health coverage through an employer becomes an increasingly valuable perk.

Having a sizable portion of medical costs paid through an employer’s benefit package can be quite a comfort. After all, it’s no exaggeration to say that with the exception of the highly affluent, an individual without health insurance can be literally just one major injury or illness away from financial ruin.

Here are key employee benefits of employer-sponsored health coverage – and why you should be offering it.

Benefits includes:

  • It can reduce absenteeism. A healthy employee is present and more productive. And the more physically sound workers are, the less prone they are to injuries and less likely they are to miss workdays.
  • It can be a recruiting tool. Sought-after employees often have the advantage in negotiating job perks and benefits. If a potential employee is deciding between two jobs (or if a current employee is thinking of leaving), benefits like a superior health insurance plan can tip the balance in your favor.
  • It can increase retention. Employees are more likely to stay with a company that offers valuable insurance benefits, as they can be far more costly to replace on an individual basis.
  • It can boost employee satisfaction. Workers tend to place higher value and feel more favorable about jobs and employers that provide good health benefits.
  • It’s convenient. Don’t underestimate this benefit. Spending time and effort looking for private health coverage on or on a state-sponsored online health exchange can be confusing and stressful. When you offer employer-provided group health insurance, your employee can choose your plan and avoid that search.
  • It can save money. Speaking of online health exchanges: While the Affordable Care Act helped reduce medical costs for many Americans, some may actually experience increased costs. By offering your employees group health insurance, you could potentially save them thousands of dollars per year.

Source: The Hartford Insurance Co. Business Owner’s Playbook®

Group Health Plans – West Hartford CT

Are you a business shopping for group health plans for your employees in the West Hartford CT area? With PBI you will find the programs and packages that are the right fit for your employees. PBI provides Employee Benefit Packages and Health Insurance Plans that are loaded with added value. Whether you are a large firm or small, you will find the PBI packages attractive and affordable. We reduce the cost of your group or individual health plans while keeping the benefits you want to offer. Our agents select the most cost effective medical and dental plan for your group. Benefits include group medical, dental, short and long term disability, group life and AD&D, retirement plans, medicare products, individual health and voluntary ancillary products.

In the insurance industry, the Agent you choose is important. When you purchase group health insurance through PBI Insurance, we continue to offer ongoing customer service. Trust that the plan we select for your company is qualified for the Affordable Care Act and Medicare purposes. Rest assured that all of your employees’ medical providers are in your network. The agents at PBI Insurance negotiate great life, disability, dental and vision plans and rates. Call us today to make an appointment with one of our knowledgeable agents at 860-233-1171.

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Employee Group Benefits – West Hartford CT

PBI Insurance Employee Benefits

employee group benefits

When you are shopping for employee group benefits packages, select a local agency to work with you. In the greater Hartford area, PBI Insurance has earned a reputation for excellence. Not only will we select the best coverage for your company, we shop the best rates. As an employer, the company benefits and perks you offer tells a lot about your company. The benefits package you offer your employees speaks volumes about you as an employer as well as your company’s philosophy and culture. In a highly competitive environment, the salary you offer is the first consideration, but it is by your benefits and perks you will be judged.

When an employee knows what your company stands for, he will know right away if he will engage with the company and stay longer. Benefits and perks tell your employees what you value, what your company believes in, and that your employees are valued. PBI has been doing business in the greater Hartford area for years – trust our staff to work with you when selecting benefits for your employees. When working hard to attract the best talent, you may demonstrate your appreciation for their loyalty by contributing to their health and well being, being supportive in education and career growth, providing financial planning services and wealth protection counseling.

To learn about all the group insurance options available to your employees, we invite you to consult with our knowledgeable agents in our centrally located West Hartford office. Our satellite office is conveniently located on Main Street in Hamden for clients located in the greater New Haven region.

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Group Health Benefits CT

 Group Health – Employee Benefits – Connecticut

Employers that offer benefit packages in Connecticut want to offer the best group health plans to their employees. You can shop around on your own or call the experts at PBI Insurance. The experienced staff at PBI will work with you to select the coverage you want to offer in your company benefits package. We can save you time and money on your group medical and group dental plans.

How does your employee health benefit package look to a prospective employee? A significant percentage of job applicants state that a company’s group benefits package is of high importance when choosing between employers. Whether you would like to create a top-shelf employee benefits package to keep and attract the best, or you desire a modest package, call the experts at PBI Insurance. The choices a company makes when fashioning a group benefits package tells your employees what you value as a company. Select a benefits package that shows your employees that they are valued. If you are seeking an employee benefit plan that provides cost savings and exceptional level of benefits, PBI will develop a detailed cost/benefit proposal tailored to the needs of your company.

Our full range of employee benefit plans includes Group Medical and Dental, Short Term/Long Term Disability, Group Life and AD&D, Retirement Plans, Voluntary Ancillary Products, Individual Health and Medicare Products. PBI Insurance has two offices in Connecticut serving greater New Haven and greater Hartford Connecticut. In terms of friendliness and competence, PBI is your best choice for finding health insurance plans. Our expertise and how we approach working with clients is second to none, and we are known across the state for our outstanding reputation. We are happy to work with clients face to face or over the phone to help find the best health insurance for their needs and budget.

PBI Insurance provides business and individual services for life insurance, medicare plans, tax preparation, long-term care planning. We can meet all your company insurance needs under one roof. At PBI we understand the challenges facing businesses and non-profit organizations to provide competitive and affordable employee benefits plans. As a trusted source for these types of plans, you can rely on our knowledge, expertise, and experience to put the best possible alternatives in place for you and your employees; including plan strategy and design, marketplace analysis and review, carrier and product evaluation, and employee communications. If you have any questions about health insurance, please don’t hesitate to give us a call 860-233-1171. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to help as much as possible with any health insurance questions or needs you have.

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Group Health and Employee Benefits Hartford County


PBI Insurance offers Group Health Insurance and Employee Benefits for employers in Hartford County CT. If you are an employer in Connecticut we can show you ways to reduce the cost of your benefits packages. Everyone is talking about the  impending Affordable Care Act replacement – more questions arise with its replacement by the American Health Act.

Could he GOP plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare remove protections for people who get health insurance through their employers? The new MacArthur Amendment may have effects that cross state lines. This amendment would allow states to waive certain insurance market regulations introduced by the ACA. The ACA’s protection for ‘essential health benefits’, ban on annual and lifetime limits, and to cap out-of-pocket spending may go out the window when allowed to apply any state’s definition of essential health benefits.

Similarly, the ACA only requires that plans cap enrollees’ annual out-of-pocket spending on care that is considered essential health benefits.  Large employers would be able to impose lifetime limits on healthcare costs and eliminate out of pocket caps. Under current law, allowing large employer plans this type of flexibility has limited impact since all states’ essential health benefit definitions are required to meet basic federal standards. But if each state could set its own definition of essential health benefits, as states would be allowed to do under the MacArthur Amendment, the consequences of allowing this flexibility would be significant.

So with talk of health care reform, how are Employer Benefits packages going to be affected? For this and other questions pertaining to your obligations as an employer, call PBI Insurance today at 860-233-1171. We will unravel the confusion you may have about employee group benefits, health care coverage, and your costs.



Health Care Law Updates New Haven CT

Health Care Law Updates New Haven CT

When you are confused about your responsibilities as an employer, PBI can answer all your questions about the Health Care Law, The Connecticut Health Exchange vs. Obamacare, tax credit eligibility and more. What are your obligations as an employer to insure your employees? Do your employees need health insurance through your company plan? When you have questions about Health Care Laws, requirements and options, call PBI Insurance.

Question: Are the exchanges staying intact if the American Health Care Act passes the Senate?

Call PBI today for answers to this and other questions about the Health Insurance, Group Benefits and your responsibilities as an Employer. We are keeping abreast of the law and will help demystify your rights and responsibilities with respect to health insurance.

Question: How are Health Savings Accounts going to be encouraged in the American Health Care Act, should it pass the Senate?

Call PBI Insurance today for answers to this and other questions about the impending health law changes, your responsibilities as an Employer, and what it may cost you.

Question: A number of insurers have already pulled out of ObamaCare. We now hear Aetna is pulling out of the health exchange. How does that impact the coverage I offer my employees?

PBI can help you understand the responsibilities small and large employers face with respect to the current and impending replacement health care laws. Call us today.

We at PBI invite you to consult with our knowledgeable agents. Our service area encompasses the entire state of Connecticut. Our satellite office is conveniently located on Main Street in Hamden for clients located in the greater New Haven region. Call 860-233-1171 today.

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